The Infernal Order

No official membership is required to be a part of the Modern Church of Satan. Those who consider themselves a Modern Satanist may simply proclaim their membership and it is so. However, provision is also made for those who seek official affiliation with the MCoS in the form of Libertine II status and certificates.



Intellectual Collective

The Modern Church of Satan is not a social club for devil worshippers. As gods, we constantly strive to reach our full potential. Satanism demands study – not worship.

It is the intent of the MCoS to unite the varied potential of its members and unleash the possibilities of each. Here the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our continuously expanding membership brings together a diverse spectrum of professionals, including artists, philosophers, scientists, academics, and both experts and scholars in a variety of fields, all of whom have joined forces for their journey down the Left Hand Path.

With no established belief or moral left unchallenged, there is no limit to the greatness we can achieve.