Encourage Growth

The Modern Church of Satan is not interested in squabbling and territorial wars, nor is it desperately trying to patent ideology.

This is your Satanism. If you recognize the philosophy and the potential, then go forth and proclaim yourself a Modern Satanist.

Start Grottos.

Align your webpage with ours.

If you have found a better way, then set forth and start your own church. But always continue to live your life with excellence and passion. Live well!


In the Book of Satan (Fire) in the Satanic Bible, LaVey himself spends all of Chapter II describing how environments change, that religion must be questioned and established sophisms be dethroned.

Evolution, change, new philosophies, new churches, new religions; this is the Satanic way.

So why do some Satanic churches spend so much energy claiming to be the only legitimate church while belittling others and acting as if they have been insulted by the other Satanic organizations?

It would be more appropriate if they acted more like proud parents watching their children grow into successful adults than a bitter, scorned lover anxious to extract revenge from their partner.


Satanism Evolved

It is natural for a religion which espouses freedom of thought and the exaltation of the ego to encourage individual expression of belief, as opposed to a dogmatic definition imposed by an organization. Unlike monotheistic religions, which impose dogma upon their followers, Satanism encourages individual growth and development. Satanism is individualism. With this in mind, no two Satanists will share the same exact definition of what Satanism is. It is, in fact, this one trait they will all hold in common.

Modern Satanists are predominantly those who have always considered themselves to be Satanists but have never formally joined a Satanic church or order because they felt something amiss with said organization. Or, they may be former members of Satanic churches and organizations which they have eventually outgrown. They are Satanists who do not care for church politics, petty power struggles, and the stroking of egos. Instead, they have a desire for something real, for the exchange of ideas and for the fellowship of like-minded individuals.

"I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit." ~ Oscar Wilde


It is puzzling that a religion that is designed to appeal to the elite of our society contains so many members who are socially inadequate, dressed as teenage stoners, perhaps pumping gas for a living, and claiming to ‘hate people’. They ignore what is obvious to everyone else: They hate people because people feel disdain for them.

"Hear no evil, speak no evil - and you'll never be invited to a party." ~ Oscar Wilde

Satan, should he take on the form of a man, would not live such a life. He would smile at the excess the world has given him. He would wear the finest clothes, be the ultimate charmer and would be surrounded by crowds of admiring people who hang on his every word. The Devil, in human flesh, would have the most exquisite lovers every night; he would savor his wine and make every meal a banquet. His parties would be legendary; he would be the envy and lust of every man and woman. Yet, he would never look down upon others. He would never say: “Wash my feet to prove that you are worthy.” Instead, if he were to meet you, he would take you by the hand and say "Come friend, sit here at my table beside me, eat, drink, and tell me more about yourself, perhaps we can be of assistance to each other."

You are always the Devil’s equal, never his servant, and even if you were you would never know it.


Rebel and be cast from heaven

Hemingway, Casanova, Don Juan, Copernicus, Galileo and of course Darwin are all examples of the potential of the Satanic spirit. Some have changed the course of history while others have simply lived their lives with such verve and passion that they have set examples for the rest of us to follow. Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chuck Palahniuk are but only a few recent individuals to set such examples.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”
~ Albert Camus

Independent and controversial thought has never been so widely accepted nor so freely accessible as it is in this day and age. This is the dawn of Modern Satanism and we fully embrace it. The unenlightened age of monotheistic religious slavery is drawing to a close, but we must still be vigilant lest will return.  Living a fulfilled life, free of guilt and remorse, ruled only by your own independent thought, is the most effective weapon against these slave religions. Just being who you are is a successful rebellion.

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